316 Elm Street, Midwest City, OK 73110 +1 (405) 210-8973

About Us

Repairs by GreatWyrmm is a small "mom and pop" home business that offers repair services for a variety of devices and gadgets. We repair and sell used electronics (ranging from phones to desktops)! We offer a variety of services in the Oklahoma City Metro Area, including electronics repairs, installation of operating systems, screen replacements, routine maintenance and services, and much much more!

About Spencer Saunders, Owner/Operator:

What Education/Training Do you Have?

All of my training has been on the job and self taught. My work experience is in manufacturing, maintenance, troubleshooting, warranty repairs, and primarily quality assurance. The majority of my career was spent working in the aerospace field in both manufacturing and quality assurance. This has shaped my understanding of the importance of high quality standards. I have worked in the aviation manufacturing field, oil drilling field, and automotive fields. All of my knowledge and experience with phones, tablets, and computers was self taught as it has been a hobby of mine for the last 8-9 years. First I worked on just my phones, tablets, and computers then I began fixing the devices of my friends and family. I enjoyed this work so much that I decided to make this my profession.

What do you love about your job?

The range of devices out there can really keep you on your toes. I like deciding whether a certain job or task is better completed in the field or back at the home base. I enjoy getting into the bottom of a weird problem, figuring it out, and applying a quick, reasonably priced solution to it. Setting my own schedule really helps too.